Hk Army 2000 .68 Cal Exclusive Paintballs




68 cal paintballs for sale

HK Exclusive is the latest breakthrough in tournament quality paint. Comprised of the highest grade materials, HK Exclusive delivers an exceptionally round metallic purple ball that flies straight and leaves a large, notable Yellow mark. The metallic purple shell was developed to provide consistent shape and offer the perfect blend of brittleness to break on your opponent and not in your gun. HK Exclusive’s proprietary “Dyna-Brite” yellow fill offers a perfectly thick consistency and a remarkably vibrant mark.

68 cal paintballs for sale

Suitable for: Tournaments (This stuff is very brittle!)

**WARNING** Paintballs are a very fragile, perishable item. Whilst we take every step possible to package all paintballs with care so that they will arrive intact, there is always a chance that some damage may occur during transit. This is beyond our control, and any and all claims must be made with the courier for any broken paintballs received in any shipment containing paintballs. Due to their perishable nature, we cannot accept returns on paintballs.

HK Select delivers a quality, mid-grade paintball that can be trusted in any rec-ball, big game, or practice scenario.  Select paintballs perform well in all weather conditions and environments. The Select grade was developed to provide players a reliable, accurate paintball at an affordable price.


  • Economical Field Grade Paintball
  • Robust Shell (Shell color may vary)
  • 2,000 Paintballs (4 bags – 500 round in each bag)
  • Accurate flight
  • Bright Fill (Fill color may vary)
  • Eco-friendly


NOTE: All paintballs are made fresh on a weekly basis. All cases of paint are opened before shipment to ensure that there are no broken paintballs. Once the package has been inspected then it will be re-taped and initialed to verify that it has been checked. All cases of paint are then wrapped in a bubble wrap and placed in a box surrounded by packing paper. Sorry but there are no returns on paintballs that are shipped out. We take every precaution to get you your paint in the best condition and in the shortest time