First Strike .68 Caliber Paintballs – FSR – 300 Rounds – Smoke/Green Shell Green Fill




68 caliber paintballs for sale

First Strike .68 Caliber Paintballs – FSR – 300 Rounds – Smoke/Green Shell Green Fill

Fin Stabilized: Self-Rifling Provides Superior Range And Accuracy Brittle Polystyrene Shell: Allows Breakages On Targets At Extended Range. Withstands Extreme Temperatures, Moisture And Humidity. Photodegradable And Environmentally Friendly .68 Caliber: Compliant With ASTM Safety Requirements Ultra Thick Fill: Superior Marking And Visibility Barrel bore size of .687-.690 is recommended

The best paintballs in the world fly straight, break on target, mark brightly and work well in both hopper and mag-fed paintball guns, all while remaining environmentally safe! Valken Gaffiti 68 caliber paintballs check all those boxes and provide consistent, reliable results case after case for all paintball players, from the recreational fields to scenario battlefields and tournament competitions worldwide! Players looking for the best paintballs need look no further than Valken Graffiti and its consistently round shell, bright fill and signature purple box!

All cases of paint are opened and inspected before shipping to ensure there are no broken paintballs. Paint is always shipped inside a larger secondary box that is tightly packed with shipping peanuts to ensure little to no movement. We take every step necessary to ensure your products have the most protection possible. Unfortunately we do not offer returns or exchanges on paintballs.

No matter what type of paintball you play, we can supply you with the right paint that you need. We have the top brands of paintballs on the market that range from lower quality practice paint to higher quality tournament paint. Top brands EmpireGI Sportz, and Valken have the paintballs that tournament level players love to use. Empire’s Evil paintballs is one of the best tournament grade and best performance shooting paint out on the market and Heat is some of the best practice grade paint to purchase for your practice days. GI Sportz rates their paintballs with ratings from theirRecreational 1 Star grade paint up to their Imperial 5 Star grade paint. This creates an easier method for making a decision of your paint choice. Valken has some of the most popular paint used at paintball fields on the market, with their practice grade Infinity to their tournament grade Redemption.