Pro-Shar SUPERIOR 2000 .68 Cal Paintballs




High performance solid or two-tone shell paintballs. The perfect blend in stability, efficiency and ease-of-use makes this paintball a favorite amongst woodland and magfed players. Our special formulation promotes stable and accurate flight characteristics while retaining the fragility of the paintball for consistent breakage on target. When every hit counts.

Suitable for: Recreational play, Woodsball

**WARNING** Paintballs are a very fragile, perishable item. Whilst we take every step possible to package all paintballs with care so that they will arrive intact, there is always a chance that some damage may occur during transit. This is beyond our control, and any and all claims must be made with the courier for any broken paintballs received in any shipment containing paintballs. Due to their perishable nature, we cannot accept returns on paintballs.