Valken Blackhawk Foxtrot Starter Pack


Brand   Valken
Gas   Co2 / HPA
Caliber   .68


valken blackhawk paintball gun for sale

All the basics you need to get playing with the Valken Blackhawk Foxtrot

Comes with:
Valken Blackhawk Foxtrot
Valken MI-3 Mask
1 x 4oz pre-filled disposable co2 tank (or pay extra to upgrade)
Your choice of hopper
34in Rifle Bag
Basic Maintenance Kit
100 Paintballs
1 x 100 Round Paintball Pod

With the Valken Blackhawk tactical paintball gun, your search for a quality, reliable paintball gun is over! The Blackhawk paintball gun from Valken delivers simple, durable reliability and the performance needed for a paintball player to capture any objective in any weather conditions, weekend after weekend! Shooting as fast as a player can pull the trigger, the semiautomatic Valken Blackhawk is light, accurate, dependable and packed with features like a sight rail, adjustable sights, a clamping feed neck and a ported barrel at a price ideal for any player from the weekend warrior to the true tactical paintball operator!

Whether a hard core scenario operator or a recreational paintball player who needs their paintball equipment to look good, handle well and work every single time the trigger is pulled, the Valken Blackhawk paintball marker is the perfect choice! A lightweight yet durable mechanical paintball gun built around a rugged and time-tested inline blowback operating system that can handle even the worst weather conditions and keep right on firing, the Valken Blackhawk Foxtrot has been upgraded with everything a serious player needs to hit the field and win, including an AR-style forward handguard with a vertical foregrip, an adjustable AR-style shoulder stock, a bottom line air adapter with a durable stainless steel hose, a clamping adjustable hopper adapter, a sight rail for the use of scopes or sights and a twelve inch ported aluminum barrel for consistent accuracy. Built tough and ready for action, the Valken Blackhawk Foxtrot delivers the form and function any serious players needs to accomplish any mission!