POWAIR Tactical Line 13cu / 0.21L Air System


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The new PowAir Tactical Line CC HP systems set new standards in the field of MagFed Paintball HP systems. With the Tactical Line CC (the CC stands for Close Combat) system, Powair has created the currently most compact and by far lightest 300 Bar / 4500 PSI Paintball HP system in the world.

MagFed players and Airsoft HPA fans can now look forward to even more compact CQB and CQC setups of their weapons.

For the new Powair Tactical Line CC systems, the size of the HP bottle has been reduced by a whopping 20%. The result is a compact 300 bar HP bottle with a filling volume of 0.21 litres at a filling pressure of 300 bar. The system is equipped with a PowAir MaxReg regulator. This is adjustable in the output pressure and offers some interesting features as standard such as double O-rings, filling nipples with microfilter, pressure reduction by means of shimps (more constant than springs!) and much more.

The TACTICAL Line CC bottle has been specially developed for use in the CQB and CQC area of MagFed Paintball Sports. With its 50mm diameters, it fits into any standard air-stock shoulder rest. It is smaller and more compact than all other currently available 300 bar composit bottles and even smaller than the normal 0.2L 200 bar / bottles available for purchase. At the same time, it offers a full 300 bar filling pressure. This ensures maximum performance despite the extremely compact design.

Due to the area of application in MagFed Sport, the bottle is externally kept in tactical black.

The bottle is compatible with all commercially available 300 Bar / 4500 PSI Paintball HP regulators.

Product details of the PowAir TACTICAL Line 0,21L HP System:

– Length: 19.5 cm
– Diameter: 50mm
– Weight: 227g
– Volume: 0.21 Liter / 13ci
– Filling pressure: 300 Bar / 4500 PSI
– Burst pressure 450 Bar / 6750 PSI