Planet Eclipse EMF100 – Black


Brand         Planet Eclipse
Thread       Autococker
Gas             HPA
Caliber       .68


  • It uses the EMEK platform – a gamma core drivetrain and pneumatic 3-way.
  • Single trigger mechanism.
  • The EMF100 will be dual use, MagFed or Hopper-Fed (PALS compatible).
    It will not be switchable on the fly.
  • In Hopper-Fed mode, the EMF100 has a dummy mag that must be installed.
  • In MagFed mode, the EMF100 has a feed-neck cover plate that must be installed.
  • Comes with a FULL EMC kit including: extended handguard/shroud and drop-down stock adaptor (to fit most BT4/Model 98 Stocks).
  • It takes Dye Mags and comes with a Dye 20-shot mag.
  • The Dye Box mag DOES NOT work with the EMF100.
    They use electronics from the DAM marker and the EMF100 has no electronics.
  • EMF100 will be in black only.
  • EMF100 is a purely mechanical marker.
  • EMF100 will come with a 14.5” 2-piece barrel.