JT Spectra Proflex LE Bandana Goggle – White




jt spectra proflex

Proflex goggle systems are built for the professionals, and are hands down “the most comfortable goggle system in the world.” Built on a timeless design Proflex™ goggle provides superior face protection using unique insert molding technology, giving the player a rigid upper section for maximum eye protection, while offering a soft flexible lower jaw line that allows the player to conform and move easily.

Unrivalled soft ears and a removable visor are also standard on all Proflex™ models.

jt spectra proflex

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  • 260° field of vision
  • Dual-Pane/Thermal Lens System – comes with 1 x Clear and 1 x Smoke lens
  • woven strap
  • The Spectra Goggle™ and world-famous soft ear protection with enhanced durability
  • Performance, comfort and versatility, most upgradable modular mask system in the world
  • Visor included

JT Proflex Spectra Bottoms. They were originally X-Factor bottoms and they were dyed dark teal. See photos there are some flaws during dying process. Haven’t been used in the field.

The JT Proflex X Goggles are a giant leap from the older Proflex Models. The most popular paintball goggle now comes with the easiest goggle system in the world, called the Pro-Change Frame system.

On the inside of the JT Proflex X mask, there are two yellow tabs that players need to pull. The goggles section will then pop out and can be replaced with other goggles in a matter of seconds. The mask foam is also easily replaceable with an easy-removable system instead of having to tear out the foam and re-glue new foam.

Proflex LE

The JT Proflex LE systems are some of the most comfortable goggle systems in the world and are built on the timeless Proflex design. These goggles have ultimate face protection. The goggle section of the JT Proflex LE  is rigid and can stop any paintballs. The mouth and chin guard are slightly more flexible and can move with you when running, ducking, or diving.

One of the things we love most about the JT Proflex LE is the industry-leading 260-degree field of view that the goggles offer. Like the other models, the lenses are fog-resistant so your view remains clear even on the most humid days.

Flex 8

The JT Flex 8 is the latest addition to the JT Flex family. This sleek design brings back the visor and the JT Flex 8 Full Coverage has a helmet-like style that covers the player’s entire head for maximum protection. An additional improvement to the goggles comes in a 3-degree improvement in the field of vision. Instead of 260 degrees of view, the JT Flex 8 now offers 290 degrees for the best view on the market. The concave design of the mask also helps protect a player’s chin and mouth while still maintaining the best range of movement.