HK Shocker Amp – Silver/Gold


Brand      Hk Army



Maximizing the functioning aesthetic and ergonomic capabilities of the NEW Shocker AMP Platform, HK Army has delivered an all-encompassing rendition of the most iconic Paintball Marker in history. With a never before seen Extended Foregrip, Custom S-Scythe Trigger, Custom GripFrame w/ OG SnatchGrip, Custom-milled HK Army AMP body, HK Skeletonized Feedneck Lever, Diamond-Cut and HK Plated BoltCap as well as the most streamlined Luxe ASA in the industry. Most importantly the HK Army Shocker AMP now includes the revolutionary Tool-less LUXE Latch Eye Covers which have never before been utilized with the Shocker platform. HK Army has designed the end-all Shocker by fuzing function, ergonomics and aggressive styling to the most advanced Shocker platform ever created.

The Shocker AMP or Advanced Modular Platform. A completely redesigned bolt system is the most efficient yet and provides approximately a 20% increase from the XLS. The bolt features a Twist-Lock design that allows for tool-less bolt removal. Maybe the most significant improvement can be seen through the reduced operating pressure. The AMP can operate at an astonishingly low 110psi compared to 160psi from the XLS. This means that the AMP can shoot the most brittle paint without fear of breaking balls in the breech. The solenoid valve also features tool-free removal making maintenance faster and easier than ever before. The Advanced Modular Platform comes in two versions, one that is electronic and one that is mechanical. Both electronic and classic versions feature the same bolt system and internals. The difference lies in the frame which can be swapped out in a matter of seconds transforming your marker from electronic to mechanical or vice versa. A newly redesigned body and grip frame improve upon ergonomics making the Shocker feel even better on the field. The engineers at Shocker Paintball listened to players feedback and have made improvements to make this the best Shocker yet.

Exclusive HK AMP Features:

  • Extended Ergonomic Regulator For Improved Comfort While Firing The Marker
  • S-Scythe HK Army Trigger
  • Custom Grip Frame w/ OG SnatchGrip
  • Diamond Cut Pattern For Extra Grip In Key Areas
  • Tool-less LUXE Latch Eye Covers
  • Skeletonized Feedneck Lever
  • HK Chrome Plated Bolt Cap
  • Streamlined Luxe ASA With Quick Release Degas Lever
  • Compatible with the AMP CC Mechanical Trigger Frame

AMP Features:

  • Limited Edition HK Amp Milling Designed by HK Army
  • Freak Two Piece Barrel With Insert
  • Faster Frame Removal Making Maintenance Faster
  • Improved Efficiency. The HK Army Shocker AMP Valve and Bolt Are The Most Efficient Yet (Approximately 20% Increase)
  • Twist Lock Bolt – One Quick Twist Depressurizes The AMP And Unlocks Its Bolt and Fire Chamber To Slide Out For Quick Maintenance
  • Tool Free Solenoid Removal
  • Improved Water Resistance
  • Ultra-gentle bolt – Efficiency improvements have lowered the Shocker® AMP’s operating pressure from 160psi all the way down to 110psi
  • Barrel Cover
  • Allen Key Kit
  • O-Ring and Spare Parts Kit