GoG CVO Shocker Paintball Gun




Competitive mechanical paintball is back in a big way, and one of the best and most successful mechanical paintball guns in the game is the Shocker CVO! The Shocker CVO paintball gun is an impressive platform, building on the success of the electronic Shocker XLS with which it shares a platform. Lightweight yet durable thanks to its all-aluminum construction, the GOG Shocker CVO paintball gun features low operating pressure to shoot even the most brittle tournament paintballs in any weather, a clamping feed neck, a gas-thru grip with no external air lines, a revolutionary valve design and an adjustable, sealed bearing single trigger! Standard with a quiet, accurate, multi-piece aluminum ported barrel and available in several matte anodized colors to suit any player’s style, the Shocker CVO is one of the very best mechanical paintball guns in the world and a proven event winner!