Valken Razorback Starter Pack


Brand   Valken
Gas   Co2 / HPA
Caliber   .68


black hawk valken paintball gun

All the basics you need to get playing with the Valken RazorbackMarker
Comes with:
Valken Razorback Marker
Valken MI-3 Rental Mask
1 x 4oz pre-filled disposable co2 tank (or pay extra to upgrade)
Your choice of hopper
Barrel Plug
100 Paintballs
1 x 100 Round Paintball Pod

The Valken ASL+ Series AEG adds several new features to our normal ASL Series rifles. Valken has upgraded the internal components to provide less stress on the gearbox, including a 22:1 ration gear set, piston with full metal teeth, and radial cuts in the gearbox shell. The ASL+ series also comes with a rotary style hop-up unit with locking increment settings. The rifle also comes with new external features, including a newly designed molded flash hider, 260-round hi-cap SMG style magazine, and SMG magazine adapter that fits inside the M4 magazine well. The SMG magazine adapter is removable so you can use all popular M4 style Airsoft magazines as well. All Valken ASL airsoft electric guns have a 90 Day warranty.

black hawk valken paintball gun

Valken Gotcha is a fun filled, backyard shooting activity for the entire family with a recommended 9+ age rating. Valken Gotcha is NOT A TOY, and safety must always the first priority whenever handling or using this product. Valken Gotcha paintball for kids is intended for ages 9+, and kids under 18 require adult or parental supervision, especially when initially learning the basics of safe play and safe shooting. Eye protection suitable for paintball use must be worn by everyone handling or in the range of the Valken Gotcha paintball marker. Valken Gotcha uses a specially designed low impact Gotcha paintball marker that shoots color filled round Ammo which break on contact. The brightly colored Gotcha ammo is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and easily washes away with water. The spring powered Valken Gotcha paintball marker shoot up to 100+ feet, and is very accurate up to 50 feet. Always make safety your first priority when handling or using this product.